Wholesale Communications Equipment



Steren’s networking cables meet virtually all needs for transferring data. Our cables are designed especially for critical communications and high-speed data networks. Created for high performance, Steren’s CAT6 and CAT5 Network cables are 100% tested for wiring sequence and continuity, and quality for data communication systems.

Ideal for local area networks, multimedia, telephony, and other applications, both our Category 6 cables and CAT 5 network cables come in easy to install bundles, ready for both residential and commercial use.

CAT5E networking cables, like Steren’s other network cables, are flame retardant, and are suitable for high-speed data applications including gigabit Ethernet, fast Ethernet, and 155 Mbps. A step up from the CAT 5 Cable wiring is the CAT6 cord that acts as an ultra-high-performance data communications cable, created for critical network applications and broadband audio and video along with the usual fast Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet features that our CAT5E Ethernet cables have.

Along with the various CAT 5 cable wirings, Steren also boasts cables that carry high definition digital video and multichannel audio in one cable, high grade coaxial cables suitable for general video applications, and more.

To see what other cables we carry, including our wholesale CAT5E cables, feel free to browse through our selection of Steren cables.